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Kids Language Classes Coming up in New York

Come in to practice your Chinese with a teacher, study for a test, or get your homework for the week done!

Su.   Oct 26th, 3:30pm
All levels
Sunday October 26 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $15
Sunday November 2 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $15
Sunday November 9 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $15
Sunday November 16 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $15
Sunday November 23 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $15
Other Dates (5)

Students will learn to effectively communicate with everything you need to know through signs that are most relevant to babies. In these exciting classes you will learn to effectively communicate through sign with your infant. Learn everything you need to know to get started, what to do, and the signs most relevant to babies. We will do fun activit

Sa.   Oct 25th, 1pm
All levels
Saturday October 25 1pm - 2:15pm 1 Session $50
Saturday December 6 1pm - 2:15pm 1 Session $60
Sunday December 7 3pm - 4:15pm 1 Session $50
Other Dates (3)

Learn American Sign Language through songs and play with children close to your child’s age. Go home each week with new vocabulary and new tunes to enhance communication between you and your child! Whether you intend to incorporate sign language in your life for the long term or simply during this pre-verbal/developing verbal time, watch in awe a

M.   Oct 27th - Dec 15th, 12pm
All levels
Monday October 27 12pm - 12:45pm 7 Sessions $304
Tuesday October 28 11:15am - 12pm 8 Sessions $304
Other Dates (2)

Ruby is a powerful, modern programming language that is prized for its versatility and scalability. It has become a preferred tool for building large web applications.Tools of the CraftWe teach using real professional software tools. There's no contrived software environments designed "for kids." Your kids are smart, we treat them that way. By expo

Su.   Jan 11th - Apr 12th, 10am
Sunday January 11 10am - 2pm 14 Sessions $2,500
Saturday February 14 2pm - 6pm 14 Sessions $2,500
Other Dates (2)

Children will learn basic phrases, sentences, numbers, and songs, and earn to explore and play through the Irish language. A fun and exciting Irish language program for children ages 3–12 years. Note: We list the non-member price for our classes. If you are a member, please contact CourseHorse for a discount code.

Sa.   Oct 25th, 11am
All levels
Saturday October 25 11am - 12pm 1 Session $15
Saturday November 1 11am - 12pm 1 Session $15
Saturday November 8 11am - 12pm 1 Session $15
Saturday November 15 11am - 12pm 1 Session $15
Saturday November 29 11am - 12pm 1 Session $15
Other Dates (5)

In this Raspberry Pi class, the students will build a homemade photo booth that posts pictures to the internet. They’ll learn the Python programming language, and basic circuitry skills. They’ll also learn how the Raspberry Pi works and connect a camera and a circuit to this tiny, versatile computer.

T.   Dec 2nd - Jan 27th, 4pm
All levels

This course is designed to enhance the writing skills of participants. Participants will receive guidance and support while using everyday language and experiences to develop appropriate writing skills. Participants will learn to use developmentally appropriate spelling, organize ideas accordingly and develop good usage of punctuation. Focus will

Sa.   Nov 1st - Nov 22nd, 9am

This class will focus on telling a story through the combined use of visual and written language. Characters will be created and put into the most improbable situations! Students will learn about the tradition of sequential art used in classic American comics, manga, and contemporary graphic novels and explore the possibilities of creating their ow

M.   Dec 29th, 10am
All levels

Communicating with others is perhaps the most important life skill—without this ability, interacting with others can be awkward and uncomfortable. The purpose of this workshop is to teach students how to cooperate effectively in real world settings with peers, adults, parents, siblings, and friends. The program will also facilitate initiating and

Su.   Nov 9th, 1pm
All levels
Sunday November 9 1pm - 3pm 1 Session $75
Saturday December 20 10am - 12pm 1 Session $75
Other Dates (2)

Interviewing can be a stressful experience for anyone, especially children. This workshop prepares students with the knowledge, experience (during role play), and confidence to interview effectively in both group and one-on-one interviews. We do not prepare children with canned responses, we simply help them verbalize their strengths and interests

Sa.Su.   Jan 3rd - Jan 4th, 10am
All levels

While children are off from school, this workshop will equip them with the necessary skills to communicate effectively with family, friends, and adults. The morning workshop will focus on teaching children to be their best selves every day- from interacting with others, to being mindful of their own behavior and actions, children will leave the wo

M.   Feb 16th, 9:30am
All levels
Monday February 16 9:30am - 2:30pm 1 Session $175
Tuesday February 17 9:30am - 2:30pm 1 Session $175
Other Dates (2)

In this two session workshop series, children learn the basics of good social skills through interactive games, role-playing, and mini-excursions. They will grasp the importance of mindful behavior, body language, a good handshake, proper introductions, patience, and making friends. The workshop includes a "socialsklz:-) dinner party" and an excurs

Sa.   Nov 1st - Nov 8th, 1pm
All levels
Saturday November 1 1pm - 3pm 2 Sessions $200
Monday November 10 9am - 11am 2 Sessions $200
Saturday December 6 10am - 12pm 2 Sessions $200
Saturday December 20 1pm - 3pm 2 Sessions $200
Monday December 22 10am - 12pm 2 Sessions $200
Other Dates (5)

During this three hour workshop, young adults learn essential life skills, namely social and emotional intelligence, needed to succeed in school, college and beyond. These skills have often been called “the missing piece” in American education that are key factors to academic, professional,  and personal success. During this program, stud

T.   Nov 11th, 1pm
All levels
Tuesday November 11 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $150
Sunday January 25 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $150
Sunday March 29 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $150
Other Dates (3)