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Flatiron, New York, New York
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General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. The leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, we foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.

What began as a co-working space in 2011 has since grown into a global learning experience with campuses in 20 cities and over 35,000 graduates worldwide.

As individuals and companies struggle to compete in an increasingly technological economy, General Assembly provides award-winning, dynamic training to close the global skills gap.

Notes: Please Note: For students enrolling in 12 week part time and immersive classes, it is not recommended that you book more than one class simultaneously.

Reviews of General Assembly

(1201 Reviews)

Ashley S.

Attended: Coding 101: HTML & CSS

Jay was great! Super enthusiastic. Wish the class went at a faster pace. Didn't really get much out of it!


Attended: Visual Design 101

This class was awful. I would strongly recommend against taking it. I almost left multiple times. It was two and a half hours long and we literally spent less than an hour actually using Photoshop - the rest was a lecture on the most common-sense basics of design (like, I have no design experience, but this stuff was REALLY simple and a huge waste of time, and way too much time was spent on it.) Of the time spent actually using the program, the actual "creative brief" activity was left to the last fifteen minutes of the class, so there was no time to actually complete it - there was barely even time to start - because the instructor personally thought it was dumb. Speaking of which, the instructor was UNBEARABLE. She yelled the entire time in a voice that sounded like a valley girl on helium. I am seriously unimpressed and would really think twice before taking another class at General Assembly after this.

Uchenna Frederick O.

Attended: Digital Marketing: Key Concepts and Metrics


Doug T.

Attended: Introduction to Google Analytics

Could have been titled "Google Analytics for Beginners". It was a good basic overview class and I'm glad I took it, though it might be wise to teach a GA class for absolute beginners and another for those who have dabbled a bit but never been trained or maybe have not used GA for some time and need a refresher and knowledge of new features. Instructor was OK, a bit prone to generalizations ("2.5% is a great conversions rate") and somewhat excessive use of profanity. A "shit" or even F-bomb is not out of place in today's professional environment sometimes but every third sentence is a bit too much. He has a very engaging presentation style otherwise and it was clear he is knowledgeable and was very well prepared. I will def come back for more classes and will recommend Gen Assembly to colleagues.

Vladislav D.

Attended: Negotiation Workshop

The orator was great! But the topic was too wide to have it all in 2.5 hours. I wish there were more classes like that, me and other attendants will go to them with a great pleasure!


Attended: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop: Weekend Workshop

The teacher was very nice and helpful but she was going a bit too fast for me, I had to ask clarification several times on how to do things. You can easily get lost in the class if your not keeping up pace to her instructions. Please slowed down and let the students complete the task before moving on.

Jose G.

Attended: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop: Weekend Workshop

The teacher was knowledgeable, but as beginners she was covering too much, way too quick. We got lost several times.

Sam S.

Attended: Facebook Advertising for the Win

Teacher Jon Chang Was great! Really informative!

kimon r.

Attended: Social Media Strategy Mapping

Fantastic class and great class participation. The instructor, Ms. Wehrley, covered many topics and answered many questions for the varied applications of students. It's a short class, but you leave with a desire to learn much more, and to further explore the topics the instructor raised, and the tools, resources and applications that are raised during the class. Money and time well spent.

Jose R.

Attended: Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Instructor was great. Very helpful course.

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General Assembly
Flatiron, Manhattan
10 E 21st St 3rd Fl
Btwn Broadway & 5th Ave
New York, New York 10010

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Adam Dinow, Selim Day & Sacha Ross Aaron Abram Aaron Holiday Aaron Bergman Aaron Cohen Aaron Scott Aaron Duke Aaron Maurer Abby Harris Abby Covert Adam Russell Adam Schwartz Adam Levine Adam Raveret Adam Schwartz Adam Bianco Adam Dinow Adam Dinow and Selim Day Adam Dinow, Selim Day & Sacha Ross Adelia Curtis Duarte Adil Dhalla, Adrienne Schmoeker, Anna Doherty and others Adit Shukla Aditi Shekar Aditi Joshi Aditya Burman Adomas Tautkus Adrian Sanders & Adam Neary Afsari Afsari Afsari Aimee Guzman & Rachel Fishman Al Berrios' Alex Kouts Alex Taub Alex Koblenz Alex Mashinsky Alex Castrounis Alex Allper Alex Saldivar Alex Sherman Alex Tandy Alex Kouts Alex Fanshel & Mike Fishbein Alexandra Sanne Alexis Gormley Alexis Ohanian Alfie Hanssen Alison Taffel Alison Stanton Alison Rabinowitz Allie Fleming Allison Kugel Allison Goldberg Allison Goldberg & Jen Jamula Allison Goldberg & Jen Jamula Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula Allyson Vieira Alona Fromberg-Elkayam Alyssa Ackerman Alyssa Taylor Cantor & Olga Zubashko Amanda Pacitti Amara Hulslander Amaris Singer & Melissa Andrada Amelia Kruse & Benish Shah Ami Bhatt Amit Mange Ana Dahlström Anand Chopra-McGowan Andre Plaut Andrew Burrows Andrew Linderman Andrew Tarvin Andrew Lindley Andrew Cohen Andrew Owens Andrew Linderman Andrew Cohen & Andy Lutz Andy Raskin Andy Tzou Andy Crestodina Anita Schillhorn van Veen Ankur Saraiya Ann Marie Carrothers Anna McFadden Anna Dahlström Anna Lindow Anna Levitt Anna Bullett Anna Lindow and Rob Schutz Anne Libby Annie Pennell Anya Farquhar April Mutuc Arie Abecassis Ariel Lopez Armen Donigian Armen Donigian Arshad Wala Arshad Wala Arshad Wala & Ebrahim Bhaiji Arteen Arabshahi Arun Ahuja Arun Ahuja Arun Ahuja Arun Nagarajan Asha Maskiell Demarsh Ashley Karr Ashley Karr, Steve Granshaw, Leonard Pak Jill DaSilva, Susan Wolfe Austin Smith Austin Lin Austin Carr Austin Bay Baily Hancock Barbara Donnini Barin Nahvi Barry Pousman Barry Cohen Bassam Tarazi Becky Rother Becky Ives Belma McCaffrey & April Anderson Benjamin Cole Benjy Boxer Bennett Lee Bennett Lee Bernard Kravitz Beverly May Bhargav Kunnamkode Bianca Mounce Bilal Kaiser Bill Smartt Bill Patrianakos Binti & Caitlin Blaise Thomas Bob Holling Bobby Gill Bobby Besabe Brandon Smith Brandon Rhodes Brendan McDonald Brendan Hennessy Brendan McDonald Brendan McCarthy Brendan Hennessy & Wade Novak Brendan Hennessy & David Corwin Brendan Hennessy, Wade Novak & David Corwin Brendan McCarthy & Lily Kim Brett Haymaker Brett Lacher Brian Chung Brian Fountain Brian Scordato Brian Meert Brianna Plaza Brianna Plaza & Isabel Rittenberg Bruce Eckfeldt Bryant Menn & Dan Robertson Bukky Adebayo Byrne Hobart C. Spencer Beggs Cait Porte Camille Murphy Bugden Candace Bazemore Carl Sednaoui Carlos Montesinos Carmen McDonald Catherine Flatley Catherine Flatley & Duval Bodden Celine Semaan Vernon Chad Rubin Chana Messer Charles Du Charley Miller Charlie O'Donnell Chef Kazu Chelsea Matthews Chelsea Matthews Chris Gray Chris Gee Chris Goodmacher Chris Dannen Chris Ryan Chris Goodmacher Chris Maddern Chris Xu Christian Saulnier Christina Wodtke Christina Beard Christine Perfetti Christine Hettinger Christoph Alexander Geiseler Christopher Castiglione Christopher Regan Chyld Medford Cillian Kieran Claire Peters Claudia Virlanuta Colin Nederkoorn Colleen Graneto Conrad Wadowski Corinne Trang Cory Jez Cory Malnarick Cosmo Grill Craig Booth Craig Sakuma Dale Bertrand Dale Wilkinson Damaris Lasa Dan Stone Dan Waldman Dan Wilhelm Dana Alibrandi Daniel Iwao Daniel Léon Daniel Orbach Daniel Chait Daniel Stillman Daniel Stillman & Ron Wilde Daniel Stillman & Ron Wilde Daniel Stillman & Ron Wilde Danielle Maveal Danny Chan Danyell Jones Dara Furlow & Tricia Okin Dave Goodsmith Dave Collins Dave Gilboa Dave Bredesen, Carey Anne Nadeau, Irene Rix, Jim Byers, Roger Woodley David Friedman David Weinstein David Nihill David Siegel David Verchere David Fischer David Kelbaugh David Cairns David Ehrenberg David Ehrenberg Davidson Young Debbie Madden Debbie Madden, Rameet Chawla, Randy Rayess & Ali Hamed Deborah Block Denise Francis Dennis Plucinik Derek Flanzraich Derek Davis Derrick Huang Desiree Koh Despina Deven Parekh & John Maloney Dhruv Vasishtha Dhruv Vasishtha & Kevin Miller Diego Fernando Pulido Ramirez Donna Lichaw Donna Lichaw & Thomas Wendt Donovan Sung & Miles Lennon Doug Moran Doug Moran Dustin Coates Eagranie Yuh Ebony Edwards Ed Arenberg Ed Lee Ed Staples Eddie Shilaita Edward Podojil Einas Ibrahim Elatia Abate Eli Bildner Elie Reiss & Robyn Mohr Eliot Arntz Eliot Arntz & Mark Joslin Eliot Arntz, Matt Parker, & Kevin Joslin Elizabeth Kiefer Elle Nurmi Elliot Felix Emerson Taymor Emily Pope Emily Ryan Emily Heyward & Simon Endres Emily Heyward, Simon Endres & JB Osborne Emry Downinghall Eric Metelka Eric Morrow Eric Boyer Eric Morrow & Shannon Chirone Erica Wides & John Scoff Erich Kurschat Erika Lewis Ernest Li Esther Kang Ethan Barhydt Ethan Smith Eugene Leychenko Evan Scronce Evan Bienstock Eve MacKnight Evelyn Frison Ezra Gildesgame Felix Matathias Fernando Pombeiro Florent Buisson Flynn Coleman Forest Mars Francesco Marconi Frank Sumanski Gabe Kwakyi Gabe Marcial Gabrielle Santa-Donato Galen Mooney Gary Gurevich Gaurav Valani Genet Genevieve Shore Geoffrey Root Georges Janin Gil Beyda Gillian Davis Gordon Agress Grace Akhrem Grace Duong Gracie Elqura & Kevin Mitchell Grant Atkinson Greg Jacobs Guiomar Hernan Hadley Harris, Lauren Perkins and many others Hamilton Chan Hannah Dworkis Hannah Pianko Harry Duran Hassan Mirza Hassan S. Ali Haylee Powers Heather Rees Heewa Barfchin Heidi Massey Heiwad Osman Henry Clifford Henry Xie Hernease Davis Hillary Garris Holly Lieberman Hong Qu Hsi-Chang Lin I. Freaner, B. Horne, J. Silverman C. Negron, S. Sprockett, D. Kennedy Ian Howie Ian Howie Igor Klebanov Ilya Blokh In Partnership with Alpha Ivan Hernandez Ivan Freaner Jaclyn Mullen Jaclyn Mullen Jacob Cohen Jacqueline Boltik Jaime Black James Haff James Cropcho James DeBano James Traver James Schulman Jamie Pilgrim Jamie Sanchez Jan Whallen Jane Greenstein Jared Dickinson Jason Bornstein Jason Mathias Jason Goodwin Jason Schwartz Jason Schoch Jason Dolatshahi Jason Wisdom, Andy Hagerman, & Miles Begin Jay Nappy JD Maresco Jeanette Jeanette Jeanette Jeff Yoskowitz Jeff Yoskowitz Jeff Ramos Jeff Davis Jeff Krzeminski Jeff Chapski Jeffrey Konowitch Jeffrey Bergier Jeffrey Gonzalez & Jason Pileggi Jen Glantz Jena Acuff Jenn Pedde Jenn Vargas Jenni Light Jennifer Jirka Jennifer Bricker Jennifer Viola Jennifer Puno Jenny McCoy Jenny Odegard Jenny Wyss Jeremy Flattau Jeremy Kagan Jeremy Smith Jeremy Berman Jeremy Horn Jess Greco Jesse Reiner Jessica Wallner Jessica Hill Jessica Adamiak Jessica Nachtigall Jessica Semaan Jessica Skeete Jesus Aguilar Jhamar Youngblood Jill DaSilva Jill Salzman Jill DaSilva and Heidi Shelton Jill DaSilva, James Stables Jim Huffman Jim McCarthy Jim Moran Jim Kalbach Jimmy Levin Jinah Shah Jiyeon Woo Jochen Krebs Jochen (Joe) Krebs, Agile Coach Joe Anhalt Joe Bliss Joe Gelman Joe Lalley Joe Leo John Lee John Bockstoce John Shankman John Shiple John Schuster John McCartney Johnny Mukai Jon Chang Jon Rose Jon Hand Jonathan Young Jonathan Treble Jonathan Basker Jonathan Pritchard Jonathan Grover Jonathan Blum Jonathan Boswell Jonathan Hull Jonathan F. Miller Jordan Hepner Jordan Bell Jorge Rivera Jose Cervantes Joseph Nelson Joseph Bartel Joseph Kerns & Tim Kalimov Josh Yazman Josh Coleman Josh Laurito Joshua Spodek Joy Haugen Juanita Rodriguez Julian Scharman Julian Bongiorno Julian Scaff Julian Scaff & Vincent Scatliffe Julie Zhou Julie Fredrickson Julie Solomon Julie Krafchick Justin Wong Justin McIntyre Kaeley Stipicevic Kanwal Jehan Karen Lum Kate Huyett Kate Shirley Kate Rogers Kate Wood Kate O'Neil Kate Griggs Kate, Dino, David Boag, David Davoli & Gary Ross Katherine Lisciani Kathy Walter Katie Johnson Katie McGehee & Alex Luizzi Kawika Valentine Kay Hudson Keaton Herzer Keith Cutler Kelley Williams Kelli Peterson Kelly Hadous Kelum Peiris & Stephan Leroux Kenneth Hamner Kenny Nguyen Kenny Arnold Kenzie O'Malley Kevin Mitchell Kevin O'Connell Kevin Wang Kevin Allison Kevin Walker Kevin Shiiba Kevin Yien Kevin Lockard Kevin Bluer Kevin Miller Kim Nicol Kim Cruickshanks Kimberly Rust Kimberly Rust & Abhijit Rai Kirsten Southwell Kishan Shah Kishan Shah Kishin Manglani Kole Hainz Kris De la Torre Kristen Ferrer Kristin Bond Kristina Wiig Kristy Nittskoff Kristyn Bryan Kyle Battle Kyle Lee & Jody Porowski Lara McCormick Larry Buchanan Larry Buchanan & Dustin Coates Laura Moffat Laura Wallendal Laura Barry Laura Moffat & Nick Rhodin Laura Moreno Cabanillas Laurel Ruhlen Lauren Jacobson Lauren Fazah Lauren Fritsch Lauren Perkins Lauren Perkins & Christina Vuleta Len Kendall Leura Spielman Levi Baer Lewis Lin Lieu Pham & Sarah Linney Lieu Pham & Alicia Hamilton Lindsay Moss Lindsay Tredent Mauch Lisa Ammerman Lisa Dawn Drogin Liz Adelman Liz Sales Liz Carlis Lizzy Wallace Lizzy Okoro Lon Taylor Loren Medina Luci Petlack Luetrell Toler Luetrell Toler Luke Miller Luke Luckett & Anne Bertelsen Luke Miller & Alex Sarlin Lydia Loizides Lydia Yao Lynn Fischer M. Wagner, S. Wynter, G.Shenoy, R. King, M. Strozak, D. Lifson Madison Maxey Maha Al-Emam Maha Al-Emam Malorie Hughes Marcos Salazar Marcus Collins Marcus Lofthouse Marie Lafia Marie Perruchet Marina Terteryan Maris Callahan Mark Brandon Mark Joslin Mark Joslin & Andrews Owens Marks Paneth & Shron Marni Epstein -Mervis Mason Gallo Matt Cynamon Matt Jording Matt LeMay Matt Austin Matt Berlin Matt Cooke Matt Gershoff Matt Cardoni Matt Austin Matt Schaar Matt Huntington Matt Stills Matt Soderlund Matt Glasner Matt Soria Matt Brendzel & Marc Wright Matt Brimer & Brad Hargreaves Matt Iles & Katie Iles Matt Iles, Katie Iles & Gabe Marcial Mattan Griffel Matthew Morris Matthew Manos Matthew Goble Matthew Listro Matthew O. Brimer Max Harris Max Lewis Max Cantor Max Savin Maya Baratz McAdory Lipscomb Megan Walker Meghan Graham Melissa Guller Melissa DePuydt Melissa Wall Melody Serra Mercedes Bent Meredith Bryan Meredith Gonsalves Meshal Lhakani Micah Steiger Micah Rich, Sean Shannon, Meredith Bryan Anil Bridgpal, Harry Ng, Joel Turnbull Michael Day Michael Rovner Michael Glumac Michael DuDell Michael Leis Michael Ciolli Michael Lopez Michael Lopez Michael Peggs Michael Hardy Michael Margolis Michael Meikson Michael J. Ciolli Michael J. Wieser Michael Rovner & Brian O'Connor Michelle Koike Michelle Matthews Mike Lutton Mike Salvaris Mike Finneran Mike Heighway Mike Salvaris & Barin Nahvi Mila Hermanovski Mini Mukherjee Miriam Bekkouche Miriam Bekkouche Molly Ford Beck Molly Ford Molly Dickinson Monica Pereira Monica Pereira & Gabe Marcial Monish Subherwal Multiple Instructors Nadine Rose Carole NARM Natan Edelsburg Nate Cooper Nate Cooper Nate Cooper & Edward O'Neill Nate Jaffee, Kimberly Rust, Jordan Bell, Manpreet Kalra, Brett Allen, Nick Smith Nathalie Rodriguez Nathaniel Emodi Navin Manglani Nayana Davis Naz Beheshti Neal Shenoy Neel Patel Neil Gordon Neil Vogel Nevan Scott Niamh Hughes Nick Shaden Nick Anderson Nicola Smith Nihal Parthasarathi & Katie Kapler Nina Gomez Nina Simmons & Peter Seidman Nir Zicherman Noa Gafni Noa Santos & Justin Lee Noah Smith Oliver Budiardjo Omar Delarosa & Chelsea Byers Omri Bojko Paco Nicole Paco Nicole & Grant Atkinson Paco Nicole, Grant Atkinson, Sarah Moe Pal Palaniappan Pam Capalad & Brian 'Dyalekt' Kushner Pat DePuydt Patricia Estridge Patrick Kalyanapu Patrick Ambron Patrick Boueri Patrick McDevitt Patrick Freuler Paul Yau Paul Canetti Paul Clothier Pauline Chow Pauline Parikh Peter M. Johnson Peter Knocke Peter Martin Peter Bell Peter Hughes Phil Goulet Phil Dziedzic Philippe Luchansky Phillip Lamplugh Phin Barnes Prashant Jeloka Quaison Carter Rachel Kozolowski Rachel Hirsch Rachna Hukmani Rachna Hukmani Rachna Hukmani Rajiv Nathan Rajiv Nathan, Martin McGovern Randy Rayess Randy Ellis Rebecca Pinn Rebekah Kane Rei Wang Renita Kalhorn Rich Funk Richard Pious Richard Shieh Richard Harris Richard Kline & Jim Daly Rob McClinton Rob Lynch Rob Dey Rob Hall, Arun Ahuja, Kevin Markham, F. Mosconi,Sinan Ozdemir,Mart van de Ven Rob Schults & Simon Yi Robby Grodin Robert Geller Robert Doherty Robyn Mohr and Elie Reiss Ron Wilde Ross Levin Roy Stanfield Ruben Naeff Rudd Taylor Ryan Witt Ryan Bell Ryan Nance Ryan Kelly Ryan Snelson Ryan Adamiak Ryan Williams Saba Sedighi Saba Sedighi Sagi Zisman Saimon Sharif Saimon Sharif Salman Ansari Sam Hysell Sam Petulla Sam Roth & Patrick Dohan Samantha John & Evan Farrar San Kim Sangya Kalia Sara Romanello Sarah Moshman Sarah Hallacher Sarah Wohl Sarah Goliger Sarah Feingold Sarah Chaminade Sarah Holden, Dave Turner, John McSwain, Ethiopia Rabb, Kameron Zach,Arthur Bouie Scott Sambucci Scott Little Scott Dudelson Scott Baumbich Scott Paladini Scott Pollack Sean Daly Sebastian Gutierrez Seido Karate Instructors Seido Karate’s Instructors Seiya Vogt Semhal Tekeste Seth Familian Shahar Nechmad Shalendra Chhabra Shana Dressler Shane Patton Shannon Chirone Sharon Schanzer Sheenie Ambardar Sherpaa Shlomo Garbi Shouvik Paul Silvia Brown Silvia Brown Sinan Ozdemir & Vanessa Herman Sloane Barbour Sofia Khan Sonja Kresojevic Sophia Aladenoye Spencer Rogers Stacey Mulcahy Stacy Klingbeil Stefan Jansen Stefan Haas & Catherine Louis Steph Parker Stephanie Teekaram Stephanie Moon Stephany Cardet Steve Schlafman Steve Berry Steve Weinrib Steve Granshaw, Leonard Pak, Tricia Okin Jill DaSilva,Susan Wolfe & Mike Atherton Steven Ma Steven Nunez Studio Artist Studio Artist Studio Artist Suneel Chakravorty Sunny Sunny Sunny Susan Sun Suzanne Abate Svetlana Kouznetsova Syama Meagher Syed Salahuddin Talk Shop Panel of Experts Tallia Deljou and Kate Gremillion Tammy Guy Tanuj Parikh Taqqui Karim Taqqui Karim Taylor Gould Taylor Campbell Ted Leh Teddy Wyly Terrance Kirkwood Terry Rice The Shine The Giving Tree Thomas Wisniewski Thomas Ma Thomas Wendt Thomas Wendt & Will Evans Tiffany Early Tim Lowden Tim Riley Tina Gaudin & Esther Mun Tobi Bosede Toby Matejovsky Todd Stewart Tomer Sharon Tomer Sharon Tonia Klausner Tony DeYoung Tony Fast Tracey John Travis Corrigan Trevor McLeod Trevor McLeod & Brian Falk Trevor McLeod, Brian Falk & Tim Atkinson Trice Turner Tricia Okin Trina Albus Troy Crosby Tulani Elisa Tyler Mandroian V. Baskerville, R. Inman, I. Muir, J. Dollar-Smirnov, D. Setiawan, E. Bollman Vanessa Herman Vanessa Ferranto Vanessa Hernandez Victoria Burghi Victoria Burghi Vinay Trivedi Vinay Jain & Molly Siems Vince Law Vince Baskerville Vincent Trivett Web Development Instructors Wes Felteau Will Flaherty Will Flaherty, Jeremy Kagan, Johanna Scott & Brittany Siegal William Kennedy William Reinisch Wilton Risenhoover Yamini Youmna Aoukar Zach Smith Zach Goldberg Zach Seeger Zachary Pollack ​Amit Mange
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