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The mission of Pratt Institute is to educate artists and creative professionals to be responsible contributors to society. Pratt seeks to instill in all graduates aesthetic judgment, professional knowledge, collaborative skills, and technical expertise. With a firm grounding in the liberal arts and sciences, a Pratt education blends theory with creative application in preparing graduates to become leaders in their professions. Pratt enrolls a diverse group of highly talented and dedicated students, challenging them to achieve their full potential.

Pratt’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) is committed to serve the lifelong learning needs of nontraditional students through high-quality credit and non-credit programs and courses in art and design, photography, digital design, perfumery, and more, for educational advancement, career change, and enrichment. At Pratt you will explore and learn tools necessary to stay ahead in today’s competitive workplace. Through our rich programs and course offerings, you will expand and sharpen your skill set, as well as advance in your professional goals.

Courses are offered at its Manhattan location at 144 West 14th Street during each fall, spring, and summer term, and on Pratt's campus in the historic Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn.

Reviews of Pratt Institute

(65 Reviews)


Attended: Solidworks I

Good introduction to the basics. I would recommend it to someone interesting in learning the program. It's not guided by a syllabus so much as it is what you make it. I would recommend having a project already in mind for your first class, and then spend the semester building on that idea.


Attended: Introduction to AutoCAD®

I have very mixed feelings about the AutoCAD Intro with Chris Ramirez. Chris really knows all the ins and outs of the program, but his teaching method is more geared towards people who like to play around and "practice". I tend to learn more with structured assignments, especially with computer programs I've never used before. That being said, the lectures are well structured, clear and informative. Considering the length of the class (13 sections 3hrs each), I would expect to have a more solid grasp on the material that was covered. Hopefully I took good notes!


Attended: Marketing II: Social Media and Viral Campaign Marketing

Was a bit long and not interactive enough.

Joseph C.

Attended: Drawing for Product Design I

GReat class if you're back looking to understand the fundamentals of product sketching. The professor is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. If you take this course I'd recommend not skipping on any classes.

Ryan B.

Attended: Drawing Foundation for Interior Design

Ike the professor is a true industry professional. I went from not knowing how to represent an Idea/design to drawing accurate plans, making scale models, learning how to represent color, how to choose materials, and knowing the tools the professionals use. Highly worth it if you want to start your career

Fitzroy Vernon L.

Attended: Introduction to Revit®

Insightful and engaging class, the instructor went the extra mile to make sure everyone was on the right track in understanding the program. I want to sign up for the advanced class soon, hopefully said instructor will we available.

Federico S.

Attended: Compelling Business Writing

The professor is good, and most of the material was interesting and relevant to me. Unfortunately, I think some of the potential was lost on me because of the group of participants. They were all in very different places than me professionally, and the feedback I was able to get and give to them was not very relevant.


Attended: Color Theory in Practice

I thought it was going to be a class more for professionals trying to advance their career but instead it was full of weekend warriors.

Rosaria C.

Attended: Autodesk 3ds Max 2017:Modeling,Materials & Rendering II

Hi, the course was really interesting for me and the Instructor was really skilled . However it could dedicated more to consolidate the progression of the program. Also I would like to receive a Certificate of Attendence. Thank you

Carol H.

Attended: Collage Camp: Principles of Collage

The class was very educational as to the different components of collage - shared in an informal, non judge mental style that allowed all attendees to work in their own style..the class was small and allowed for individual feedback from the teacher...the length Allowed for a good amount of hands on practice.

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Pratt Institute
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Upcoming Classes at Pratt Institute

Marketing III: Measurement and Review
Next start date:

Saturday Mar 24th, 9am

User Experience Portfolio Critique & Interview Practice
Next start date:

Monday Mar 26th, 6:30pm

Feng Shui and Architecture
Next start date:

Tuesday Mar 27th, 9am

Architecture for Emergency Response
Next start date:

Saturday Mar 31st, 9am

Effective Client Communication Strategies
Next start date:

Monday Apr 2nd, 6pm

Drawing the Face of the Buddha
Next start date:

Tuesday Apr 3rd, 6:30pm

Downtown Assessments and Community Visioning
Next start date:

Friday Apr 6th, 9am

Draw a Tibetan Mandala
Next start date:

Saturday Apr 7th, 10am

Analog (Non-Digital) Photography Master Class
Next start date:

Saturday Apr 7th, 2pm

Residential Conversion of Loft Buildings
Next start date:

Tuesday Apr 10th, 9am

Creating a Downtown/Main Street Strategic Action Plan
Next start date:

Friday Apr 13th, 9am

Project/Portfolio Development
Next start date:

Monday Apr 16th, 4pm

Market Analysis & Marketing
Next start date:

Friday Apr 20th, 9am

Developing a Downtown Revitalization Org & Capacity Bld
Next start date:

Friday Apr 27th, 9am

Creating an Artist Folio
Next start date:

Saturday Apr 28th, 2pm

Basic Bookbinding Techniques with Recycled Materials
Next start date:

Sunday Apr 29th, 9:30am

Biophilic Design 2.0
Next start date:

Saturday May 5th, 9am

Specifications Writing, Principles, and Practice
Next start date:

Monday May 7th, 9am

Furniture Design Intensive
Next start date:

Tuesday May 29th, 9:30am

Design for Indoor Environmental Quality
Next start date:

Monday Jun 4th, 9:30am

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Teachers at Pratt Institute

Abby Schwartz Adam Apostolos Adrienne Jones Alexandra Goldberg Alexandra Hegeler Alexis Karl Alfred Yajalu Alihan Polat Aly English Amanda Lasser Amy Purcell Angel Gibson Angela Wyman Annie Coggan Crawford Annie Coggan Crawford & Christian Rietzke Anthony Robins Anthony Gelber Anthony Bloch Anthony W. Robins and Helen Post Curry Arthur Atlas Ashley Marcovitz Barbara Lalicki Barbara Barroso Abbes Bella Meyer Ben Goldstein Beth Ballis Brent Porter Brian Trimble Bruce Duhan Carl Fengler Carla Douglas Carmen Malvar Carmen Mensink Carolyn Shafer Cecilia Muhlstein Charles Turofsky Chelsea Limbird Cheryl Stockton Chris Bruffee Chris Knight Chris Ramirez Christian Ramirez Christopher Giglio D.K Smith Dale Paegelow Dam Markson Daniel Karpen Daniel Karpen Daphne Borowski David Robbins David B. Powell Dominga Giglio Dominic Marinelli Dominica Giglio Donna Greenberg Edward Re EDWARD D RE, JR Elizabeth Smolarz Emily Weiner Erik Kachelhofer Esmilda Abreu Eugene Kwak Federico Savini Flann Lippincott Frank Collazo Fred Kachelhofer Gabe Walter Gabriel Ruegg Gil Santiago Greg Webb Greg Chartier Greg Chartier Greg Chartier Habib Borjian Harley Goode Heidi Metcalf Helena Van Vliet Ho'o Hee Holger Keifel Ike Cheung & Christina Rietzke Ilise Benun Ira Eduardovna Irene Santoro Irina Yakubov Eduardovna Iviva Olenick J. Hankinson, M. Melton, K. Tamboer & M. Ventre Jack Gonzalez Jacqueline Lamont James Christie James Christie Jason Miletsky Jay Miletsky JD Godchaux JD Godchaux & Lela Prashad Jeff Ferzoco Jeff Ferzoco and Alihan Polat Jeffrey P. Drucker Jenna Shea Jennifer Moore Jobe Bobee Jody Hankinson Jody Hanhinson Joe Miceli Joelle Danant John Bruce John Mandile John Halpren John Bruneau Jonathan Levy Jong Lim Juan C. Toro Julia Harding Karol Murlak Katerina Lanfranco Kathryn C. Gordon Keirnyn S. Ross Keith Venkiteswaran Kelly Worman Kelly Trager Kelly Kocinski Trager Kenneth Allen Kirsten Richert Kris Shumacher Kristina Drury Lara Schenck Larisalena Ortiz Laura Benko Laura Dodson Lawrence Au Leah Caplan Lee Goodman Lee Hachadoorian Lela Prashad Leon Goodman Leonel Ponce Linda Casbon Lisa Easton Lisa Easton & Kate Lemos McHale Lynne St Clare Foster Mahtab Pedrami Marcello Ferri Maria Leather Mario Naves Mario Robinson Mark Leibowitz Mark Lim Marsh Skeele Mary Missett Matthew Podsiad Melanie Roher and Debra Magid Michael Hardiman Michael Newcomb Michael Barry Michael McComiskey Michael Poast Michael Cogen, NCARB Michelle Ward Mike Kelly Mike Ernst Nancy Glover Nathalie Kelbach Nicholas Scalone Nina Edwards Noel Hidalgo Noel Hidalgo & Nathan Storey Norman Mintz Olivia Knott Olivia Vien Paul Miller Paul Bretzger Paul Sunday Phil Gauntt Philip Martin Phyllis Rosenblatt Piero Baglioni RA Friedman Ray Matts Rebecca Foerster Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman Rhonda Schaller Richard Dunks Robert Dadras Robert J. Miletsky Robin Simmonds Roy Pachecano Roy Lorieo
 Roy Pachecano and Michael Cogen Safiy Abdur-Rahman Sandra Davila Sarah Saunders Scott Williams Scott Eaton Vandervoort Seth Apter Severino Alfonso Dunn Sierra Siemer Simon McGown Stacey Jackson Stefanie Franciotti Steve Attardo Steve Henry Steve Henry and Barbara Lalicki Steven Danielpour Steven Zalben Steven Newman Stuart Rentzler Sue Havens Susan Schear Susan Meshberg Terese Kinsley Tetsu Ohara Thomas Palmer Thomas L. Grassi Tiffany Burnette Tim Macken Tom Motley Tony Gelber Victor Poast Victor Dadras Victor Dadras & Robert Dadras Victoria Chang Vidisha Paul Warren Ashworth
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