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I am a graphic designer who loves to work with art and typography to make information beautiful. I am also a dedicated cyclist, serious bread baker and mother. Despite warnings from various grandparents that I would end up in the gutter I went to art school. They probably thought I'd never make a career out of the education I received but, wow, were they wrong. I met amazing people when I was in school. During my Sophomore, Junior and Senior years I took on internships and, after graduating, cut my teeth in the magazine world. One of my favorite teachers was Yolanda Cuomo. While in school I pretty much begged her to hire me as an intern and she did! I worked for her for a few happy months before diving back into magazines. One day, the art director I was working with took me up to a big conference room where I was introduced to John Kennedy and Michael Berman. They wanted to make a magazine about politics, George magazine. I was thrilled to be a part of the initial start-up art department and continued to work there for about four years.

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Graphic Design Bootcamp

Chau Pham

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Maya Robinson

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