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Language & Culture Classes for Adults

We built Fluent City on the belief that curiosity brings enrichment to our lives, leading to better connections to the world around us. Today, we’re bringing people together through popup events and month-long immersions to discover food & drink, art & design, language and beyond.

Driven by Passion

Our community has used their skills for everything from advancing their careers, to falling in love, to impactful not for profit work all around the world.

Rooted in Learning

Fluent City started in 2011 in a Brooklyn apartment as a casual French conversation group, with an emphasis on social learning that struck a chord with the community. We quickly grew to four cities, covering 10 languages with 23,000 members.

Redefining Education

Our mission is to redefine Liberal Arts and enrichment education for the 21st century. Guided by subject matter experts, we’ve developed exclusive programming in popup events and multi-week immersions.

Reviews of Fluent City

(92 Reviews)

Anne H.

Attended: French - Level 3

This was an excellent class with a very enthusiastic instructor as well as valuable and fun weekly assignments. I enjoyed both participating in the all-French class dialogue and exercises as well as in doing the weekly homework. There were also fun songs and videos to watch and listen to. I am inspired to move ahead and take French 4.

Julia P.

Attended: Spanish - Level 1

Great intro to Spanish! Small class, very conversational, and perfect for working professionals who are looking to be multilingual in the increasingly global landscape!


Attended: Spanish - Level 1

I took Spanish 1 at the Fluent City through coursehorse! I loved my classes, and I think I have grasped the basics that were taught to us by our teacher, Elizabeth. She's a great teacher, makes learning fun and easy, always open to answering questions, and after the first 2-3 sessions, she even conversed with us in Spanish! I loved everything about my class. The only reason I am giving 4 stars is because they don't offer free make up class, if you miss a class you have to pay $45 for a make up session if you'd like. Otherwise, you can just practice at home by yourself. In my opinion, at least one make-up class should be free. Other than that, I loved everything about the course as well as fluent city! I am glad I took up this class!


Attended: Spanish - Level 1

Loved the tutor. Really engaging and balances the group's needs. Only downside is im a complete beginner and the pace with other refreshers was a bit too much to keep up with.

Lydia B.

Attended: Spanish - Level 3

Alexandra was a wonderful, engaging teacher! She was high energy and I loved the interactive games. I'm glad to hear she is teaching Spanish 4 as well.

Christa H.

Attended: French - Level 1

Jeremiah was great at helping us make real life, memorable connections to the French language. The class hops around a bit, which make it a little difficult to go back to your notes if you're looking for something specific, but I think the tempo and order of how we learned things made sense over time. Level one catered to people like me who haven't practiced French in 10 years, but remembered bits and tidbits, but also to complete novices as it was primarily taught in English. The instructor's at-home suggestions (sites/references/apps to use) were super helpful and while the homework isn't necessary his feedback will only help you learn the language better. The location is great, small classes (under 10 students) and time frame are all very convenient. Would highly recommend!


Attended: Chinese Mandarin - Level 5

It was the teacher that made this class such a success. She also understood that most of her students were working, so if we didn't have time to review class information on our own time she understood. Additionally, the teacher always incorporated student feedback into her lessons and teaching approach.

Alisha M.

Attended: Arabic - Level 1

Decent value for the price. You really have to do a lot of work at home with the book, because the teacher (Khaled) isn't great at teaching to an introductory level. About half the class ended up either dropping or just not showing up to the majority of classes. But if you stick with it and put in the effort, you come out knowing the alphabet and a handful of vocabulary, which is what the course description promises.


Attended: French - Level 5

Too many students were not up to the intermediate level and the class was led by a non-native speaker. For level 5 and above, Fluent City had said these classes would be taught by native speakers. Don't think I'll take their classes again.


Attended: Spanish - Level 2

The teacher was great, but in a sense the class is only as lively and conversation as the weakest speaker. It was helpful in learning correct Spanish and even some colloquial Spanish. Attendance could be spotty which sometimes threw off the groove of the conversation in a given class, but that wasn't a fault of the program at all. Overall, do recommend.

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Fluent City
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Spanish - Level 3
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Monday Mar 26th, 6:30pm

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French - Level 1
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Spanish - Level 4
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Wednesday Apr 11th, 6:30pm

Spanish Essentials
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Monday Apr 23rd, 6:30pm

French - Level 4
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Wednesday Apr 25th, 6:30pm

Teachers at Fluent City

Adele Mazurek Alan Sulbaran Alana Toulin Alberto Bassi Alex Campbell Alexandra Castano Alla Krashevsky Andrea Santin Angelica Paquette Angelica Fabian Atika Bensenouci Aurelia Chaudagne Candy Calderon Carley Summers Carlos Perez Sarto Carlos Andres Giraldo Caroline Hesse Catalina Campos Celia Perez Channing Centeno Chiara Bianchini-Quesada Chris Chris Beck Chris Becker Christopher Power Cristino Pacquing Daniela Blini Daria Franklin Darren Ornitz Devin Kennedy Devon O'Shanecy Diego Dondre Green Elena Ten Eleonora Davidyan Eliana Levine Elizabeth Bae Elizabeth Diaz Eman Salah Eman Salah Emily Quint-Hoover Emily Burnett Enzo Scavone Erika Wang Erin Marie Musich Esther Daye Eva Soler Palleja Fabrizio Ventola Felicia Christensen Fernanda Dias Francesca Foggetti Francois Monroc Frank Bruckner Gabriela Fuentes Gaetano Dipaola Ge Song Ginette Tchabda Giuseppe Mercuri Graziella Caserta Gustavo Carvajal Hakim Bishara Hani Eschack Harrison de Vignier-Awad Haydy Elsanabary Houda Lazrak Ian Prince Iris Zhang Israel Rodriguez Jackie Ji Jacqueline Maggio Jairo Araya-Barrantes Jay Vilnai Jeremiah Oliver Johan Pineda Jojo Pan Jonathan Lam Joshua Cummings Joyce Gavin Juan Alzate Juan Ardila Julian Deville Justin Balcourt Justin Balcourt Kameliya Sapundzhieva Kat VanCleave Katie Friedman Khaled Ramadan Kyriakos Iliadis Laurence Jaillet Leona Binz Lexee McEntee Liliana Di Luisa Lindsay Cochran Lisa K Saunders Lorena Ramirez-Lopez Luca de Gaetano Luis Colon-Torres Luiza Teixeira Lydia Darly Madeleine Williams Madeline Conover Maggie Marsico Marcus Zelaya Marie Windal Mark Langan Martha Zhagui Mary Ortiz Mary Alice Jackson Maryah Converse MICHAEL , ABIGAIL & ANDREW Michele Canon Michele Cannon Miguel Rivas Miguel Rivas Monique Oestreicher Naoko Wada Natalya Karimova Neal Pierantoni NITZAN COHEN Our Professors Paul Gaboury & David Igo Pauline Guedj Pola Melendez RACHEL GOODMAN Raffaele Piscopiello Richard Sanford Robert Sciarrone Rodolphe Navarro Ryan Evelyn Sabrina Axster Sam - Sam Maher Sandra Langley Serena Berkowitz Shane Manieri Shish Aikat & Ming Qiu Simona Facchini Sumar Frejat Taylor Pfeiffer TINO JOCHIMSEN Torkom Movsesiyan Torkom Movsesiyan Tyler Losey Tze Chun Victor Pajarito Xochmitl William Santagata Xulei Yin Yair Vilnai Yeiner Atehortua Yoshi Vu Yuliana Barmotina
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